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AZ Creative Surfaces Lifetime Warranty

LIFETIME WARRANTY ON MATERIALS: The concrete coating materials, used as described herein, applied by ARIZONA CREATIVE SURFACES, are guaranteed to maintain its bond for the LIFE of the substrate it is applied to, under normal use.

2-YEAR LABOR WARRANTY: If the CENTURYSTONE CONCRETE PRODUCTS, as applied by ARIZONA CREATIVE SURFACES, Loses its bond due to defective materials or workmanship in the first 2 years from the date of installation, it will be repaired at no charge, with the exception of the following EXCLUSIONS:

1- There are some conditions, with existing concrete slabs, where moisture can cause a chemical reaction in the existing concrete that could result in blistering or delaminating of the concrete coating. THIS IS A CONDITION OF THE ORIGINAL CONCRETE, NOT OF THE CONCRETE COATINGS. The cause of this condition is called ALKALI SILICA REACTIVITY or ASR for short. This would have dated to the time the concrete was originally installed. Evidence of this condition is typically noted by visible “pits” or erosion of the concrete or the formation of a "chalky" white powder on the surface of the concrete. In some cases, however, there is no visible evidence of this condition prior to the installation of concrete coatings. Coatings applied to the concrete in this condition can result in blistering and delaminating of the coating. The repair of damage as a result of this condition is NOT included in the warranty.

2- There is no guarantee that CRACKS will not occur in the coating due to movement of the concrete or deck surfaces on which the coating is applied, and the repair of such is NOT included in the warranty. It is presumed the substrate or surface on which the CENTURYSTONE COATINGS are applied is stable with adequate foundation and repair.

3- Caulking or Joint sealant materials are guaranteed for a maximum of ONE YEAR.

4- Non-CenturyStone Coatings: Cleaning, sealing or repairs to concrete coatings NOT originally Installed by ARIZONA CREATIVE SURFACES, is NOT covered under warranty.

Labor costs for repairs needed beyond the 2 (TWO) YEARS WARRANTY and repairs not covered in warranty, as stated above, are charged at the rate of $70.00 per Man per Hour. Minimum Labor charge is $280 (4 hrs x $70.00/hr) Liability is limited to the value of the labor and materials used to repair damage as defined by this warranty.

Best Warranty Guaranty

ARIZONA CREATIVE SURFACES guarantees to meet or exceed the terms of ANY warranty for systems of comparable value and application.

CANCELLATION OF CONTRACT: If the contract is cancelled within TWENTY-FOURS from the date signed, a FULL REFUND will be given. After such time, a 20% cancellation charge will be incurred on all work cancelled. If only a portion of the contract is cancelled, then the 20% will only be assessed on cancelled items of work.

INSTRUCTIONS AND CARE: CENTURYSTONE CONCRETE COATINGS have endured rigorous testing in both commercial and industrial applications. We are confident these systems will prove to be extremely durable and long lasting. However, these coatings are NOT indestructible. Extra care should be exercised for at least seven (7) days after installation.

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